Wise Delivery Of Life's Essential Elixir

The Zephyrhills water delivery expects 2008 to be a record year with demand growth of between 5% and 10%. Part of this growth is due to natural disasters and emergencies that have interrupted many people's water supplies and increased the public's awareness of bottled water. Bottled water producers have contributed to the growth of the segment through cost-efficient production and distribution methods and marketing efforts that have kept up the sales momentum of their products.When life deals you lemons, never mind making lemonade. Zephyrhills water delivery. The events of 2008 have proven this a wise course of action.

 The past six months have yielded their share of lemons all over the United States when it comes to vital drinking fluids. Milwaukee hada deadly outbreak of cryptosporidiosis resulting from a parasite in its municipal supply. High levels of bacteria infested the water in parts of New York City. Drought like conditions in the East discouraged many from over tapping their taps. Flooding in the Midwest plain stopped even more from getting anywhere near their kitchen sinks.

When significant chunks of the citizenry were told--for whatever the reason--don't drink the water, it wasn't a lemonade stand they were steered to. Suddenly, bottled water wasn't just another beverage. It was a lifeline.

Conversely, the emergency conditions that plagued parts of the populace pumped a little extra vitality into a business whose spark was in question. No bottled water makers can predict when their product will be called to duty--and nobody in his fight mind would hope for it.  Do bandage manufacturers pray for cuts and bruises?

Bottled water's positioning as the beverage of mercy is recurring, but merely occasional. If it weren't, we'd hear a lot more advertising along the lines of "XYZ Water: For When you're Really In Trouble." Effective in the short-term, perhaps, but not likely to keep you trending upwards without an emergency.

Fortunately for the Zephyrhills water delivery crowd, there is more to their goods than a gulp of last resort. Chincoteague Island, VA-based industry consultant and Bottled Water News publisher Jonathan Hall venturesan estimation that led by strength among non-carbonateds, bottled water growth for 2008 will be closer to 10 percent than 5 percent, thanks in part to its first aid role. More significantly, he adds, the crisis-salving is just part of the story; Hall believes bottled water would be good for at least a 5-percent rise even if there were no Milwaukee parasite, no New York bacteria, no East Coast drought and no Midwest flood.


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