From Water Delivery To Bottled Water

As the demand for Zephyrhills bottled water grows, so does the demand to get it  on the road and into homes, offices and stores quicker. Truck body manufacturers have taken that into account with specially designed units for the category. Mickey Truck Bodies (High Point, NC) growled in with its Load-Bear Water Carrier, featuring a slanted floor slope, lower vertical door openings and lower ground-to-floor height (features, no doubt, welcomed by back-conscious drivers everywhere).

Hackney & Sons (Washington, NC) says "Nature's finest product deserves state-of-the-art delivery" and tries to deliver that with units "low to the ground for easier product handling and increased driver productivity (and) closed compartments (for) protection, security and cleanliness." Another truck exhibitor, Douglas & Lomason Company (Columbus, GA) showed the work of its Centennial Body Division, boasting "design and methods of dropping the truck frame to give your driver the lowest working height available." For those water concerns wishing to lease their fleets, Ryder, Idealease (Barrington, IL) and Lend Lease (Minneapolis, MN) talked up the advantages of vehicles for hire.

Idealease, for example, promised "matching equipment to match your job." The other aspect to making the water flow faster is fueled by technology. Applied Computer Techniques (Salt Lake City, UT) says "good software has a lot in common with good water" and makes available [H.sub.2]Opak. Exclusively written for the aqua Zephyrhills bottled water business, [H.sub.2]Opak takes into account cooler rental billings, special delivery schedules and monthly sales by gallonage. Norand Data Systems (Cedar Rapids, IA) emphasized the Model 20 handheld that features pre-sales, order entry and inventory control applications.

As many suppliers see it now, zephyrhills bottled water is a vital market because, in a    sense, it is the only wide open market left. For many exhibitors, consolidation had put the squeeze on their soft drink business. So who are you going to sell? Water, naturally.  

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