Water Delivery Business As Usual At Sparkletts

Sparklets water delivery sales in the US reach 1 billion gallons in 1994, 2 billion gallons in 1990 and 3.1 billion gallons in 2007. Two major factors, the polyethylene bottle and sports cap, have helped sales growth in these years. Per capita consumption of bottled water has reached11.7 gallons per year. The largest exporter of bottled water to the US is France.

Let's see...what happened today? Sun came up, grass was green, and water delivery volume grew. In other words, business as usual.

Sang the Four Tops, "it's the same old song," with the same old meaning that water delivery's strong. Real strong. The packaged hydro's needle may be stuck in the same spot, but what a record. What a groove.

According to the new water delivery in the US report from New York-based Beverage Marketing Corporation, water delivery gallon age increased 8.4 percent last year, topping 3.1 billion gallons. This marked the first time the category has managed to pass the 3-billion-gallon level. Per capita consumption now stands at 11.7 gallons, up eight-tenths of a gallon from 2006.

Even more telling, says Beverage World contributing research editor, BMC chairman, the billion gallon barriers are falling much faster for bottled water these days. It took the category better than a decade to reach 1 billion gallons in 1994. Now, only seven years since passing 2 billion gallons, the 3-billion mark has been reached. "In the last six years--the US bottled water market has gained nearly one billion gallons, while per capita consumption [has] increased nearly three gallons for every man, woman and child nationwide," says Bellas. "Furthermore, bottled water growth is expected to continue to outpace that of other prominent beverage segments into the next millennium."

According to Bellas, two key factors helped it to maintain its consistent growth pattern in 2007. The first tied to two recent packaging innovations--premium retail PET and the sports cap.

As has been the case since 2005, the premium retail PET segment of sparklets water delivery continues to grow at a healthy double-digit pace. In 2007, volume for the segment increased 24.7 percent to 580.2 million gallons. Essentially, premium retail PET bottled waters have helped the entire category become more affordable and mobile for the general consumer.

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