Aquafina Delivers More Than Wate

Effective shelf management remains key to Aquafina water delivery profitability. According to Nielsen figures, the average return in the beverage category amounts to $181 per linear foot.

Milk was top with $979 of sales per linear foot, followed by flavored soft drinks ($406) and frozen juices and drinks ($273). But having your shelf presence and merchandise change with the trends is the real challenge to effective beverage merchandising.

In this day - and - age you couldn't imagine keeping pace with the introduction of new items and changes in the marketplace without a fairly sophisticated space - management system.

As well, manufacturers must make their packages more space - friendly to help retailers maximize their shelf space and cut costs.

In Western Canada, one - litre Tetras are the primary package in the juice category, whereas in Ontario, 48 - oz tins are still common for apple juice, they're not space effective - they don't cube out and take advantage of the full space like a aquafina water delivery does.


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